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Tips for a Successful Reset


The goal of Phones Down for 5 is to reset our relationships with technology and open up more time for human connection. We’re not putting our phones down forever—just taking a break to make sure we have balance between technology and our relationships. Here are some tips (also available in Spanish) to help you have a successful reset. 

Phones Down for 5 Tips

Out of sight. 
Put your phone somewhere you won’t be readily able to see it, like a drawer or cabinet. Keep it in your purse or bag while in your car. Consider putting your phone in airplane mode or turning off notifications so you won’t be tempted if you hear it buzzing. 

Ask yourself: how important is that notification, really
We’ve all been there: you hear the sound of a text or notification and get the urge to immediately drop everything you’re doing and check your phone. But most notifications are not urgent and only a small percentage actually require your immediate attention. Change your notification settings to get them batched at a certain time or turn on only the ones you deem the most important. 

Spend time with people you love. 
Grab dinner with a friend you haven’t seen in a while. Have a meaningful conversation with your partner. Invite your neighbors over for a board game night. Cook a complicated recipe with your family. Create memories that you can’t replicate when you’re focused on your phone. 

Get creative. 
Draw, dance, write, paint or get creative in the kitchen. Use your phone-free time as an opportunity to reconnect with your creative side and sharpen your brain. 

Get out. Work out. Chill out. 
Spend some time outdoors, getting some fresh air and being in nature. It’s good for your mental and physical health. 

While you’re there, try a walk, run or full-body stretch routine. Exercise is also great for your body and mind, and you don’t need a ton of time to reap the benefits. 

If technology is an important part of your self-care routine, make sure you’re replacing that time with something else that gives you peace. Learn to meditate, try a yoga class, spend some time in the sun or take a long bath at the end of a stressful day. 

Customize a parent-child technology agreement 
Create a technology agreement with your kids with phone usage guidelines that work best for your family. Defining better relationships with our phones can help us have better connections with each other. 

Disconnect Wisely 
Work or personal needs may dictate not being able to disconnect completely—and that’s okay. The goal is to find what works for you. One option could be to move tasks you typically do on your phone to a computer (e.g., email, surfing the internet, scrolling social media). This can help you stay connected as needed but not necessarily be connected everywhere you go. 

How did it feel? 
Take a moment to reflect on what worked and what didn’t. Journaling can be a helpful habit while you’re doing a digital detox to process what you’re feeling while you’re offline. What was positive about putting your phone down? Did you pick up any new hobbies or positive habits? Did your life and relationships improve? What would you do differently next time? What you learn from trying to disconnect thoughtfully will help you get closer to success the next time you try. 

Good luck. We’re all pulling for you! Let us know how your phone-free time went using #PhonesDownFor5 on your favorite social channels and check out UScellular.com/findus for more information.