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Saying Thanks to Our Customers with US Days

UScellular Customer Bobbie from Iowa

At UScellular we believe loyalty is never a one-way street. We love finding new ways to say thank you to our customers as we pursue our mission to keep you connected to what matters most. It's why we are committed to investing in our network to ensure you stay connected. It’s why we offer flexibility and transparency on our plans, billing and devices so you can choose what best fits your needs.

It’s also why we are introducing US Days, our exclusive event to celebrate you, our loyal customers, with unique offers, as our way of saying thanks. From March 14 - April 3, customers who visit a store or our website can check out the best upgrade offers of the season. 

But you don’t have to take my word for it – take it from Bobbie.

Bobbie told us she became a UScellular customer because when she was on another network, she would experience gaps of no service every time she traveled to visit her grandkids. Being unable to get in touch with her kids while traveling was a constant worry. After switching to UScellular, those gaps of no service were filled in. This has put her family at ease, especially when she is traveling. Bobbie also enjoyed her time in our store, learning new features on her phone – particularly some of the camera features (selfie included).

During US Days, we’re featuring stories from Bobbie and other customers who have shared what connection means to them. They know the value of a strong relationship and so do we. We look forward to seeing our customers during US Days so we can personally say thanks.

March 14, 2024


Laurent "LT" Therivel
President and CEO of UScellular