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Join Us on Global Day of Unplugging

Disconnect on Global Day of Unplugging

At UScellular, our mission is to connect people to what matters most. Technology helps us do so many positive things, but we also know that connecting to what matters most can sometimes mean putting technology away and staying focused on what’s in front of us. According to our December 2023 survey of consumers, 40% of smartphone users told us they wish they were less dependent on their phone, and nearly a third want to take an intentional break from their phone.

The devices that we support and sell are meant to bring us closer, not further apart, and sometimes a momentary reset can help us stay focused on genuine connections. This is why UScellular is continuing to lead the conversation around developing healthier relationships with technology, and for the second year, we’re encouraging everyone to participate in the Global Day of Unplugging.

On March 1, we invite you to put down your phone for a bit so you can focus on meaningful connection over constant connection. We offer tips on ways to make this easy at uscellular.com/unplugging where you can share your participation with family and friends and encourage them to join the movement on social media.

As we continue this journey of helping people redefine their relationship with technology, we want to do more to demonstrate our commitment to creating healthy digital habits. For every person who shares their participation on our website, we will make a donation to Unplug Collaborative – the nonprofit that organizes the Global Day of Unplugging and works to make tech-free experiences meaningful and accessible to all. This commitment is another way we are helping you redefine healthy digital connection and inspire you to have a reset moment.

Unplug with us for a day — and join us in connecting to what matters most.


Laurent "LT" Therivel
President and CEO of UScellular