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Unbreakable Pride


UScellular sponsors local pride events, bringing communities together to celebrate LGBTQ+ visibility, empowerment and equality

Pride parades are hosted around the world each June to celebrate LGBTQ+ social and self-acceptance, achievements, legal rights and pride. LGBTQ+ individuals and their families, friends and allies come together to celebrate LGBTQ+ visibility and empowerment and their ongoing fight for equality.

UScellular is a proud sponsor of pride events across our footprint, including Milwaukee Pride (Wis.), Portland Pride (Maine), South Knoxville Pride (Tenn.) and Black Bears Pride Night (W.Va.). Members from our PRIDE Associate Resource Group (ARG) and fellow associates joined the festivities to celebrate with our local communities.

While cities like New York, Chicago and San Francisco have hosted Pride parades for decades, smaller towns across the country more recently began organizing their own celebrations. In fact, our local Cedar Rapids, Iowa community proudly hosted its first Pride parade this year, which organizers hope to continue next year. “I’m so proud to see the Cedar Rapids community coming together to host their first-ever Pride parade,” said Brian Usher, manager, multi-channel frontline disruption communications and PRIDE ARG national membership engagement lead. “It’s great to see public support for the LGBTQ+ community and I look forward to more events like this in Cedar Rapids.”

The LGBTQ+ community continues to support the voices of our communities by being there for friends and loved ones. Their “Unbreakable Pride” was on full display at various events across our footprint, demonstrating why this is a great time to be proud, shine, build awareness and support each other.

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