18:37 PM

Three Ways Device Protection Can Help Your Business

Accidents happen, but your business can’t afford to waste time or lose productivity replacing or repairing critical devices. Protecting the smartphones and tablets that are used to keep your business running is easy, affordable and important. Did you know that 42% of incidents occur within the first 12 months of a phone’s contract and 65% of claims are filed due to phone damage?* 

Many businesses can benefit from the peace of mind that device protection can provide when a company-provided phone or tablet is damaged, lost, stolen, has an out-of-warranty malfunction, or a cracked screen. 

Here are three ways device protection can help your business stay on track when a device issue interrupts the workday: 

Replacement: When the unexpected happens, device protection can help businesses get a replacement device as soon as the next day. This can shorten downtime and increase employee productivity. 

Repair: Some of the device protection plans offer low-cost cracked screen repair for eligible devices.  Some plans also offer unlimited battery replacements for eligible devices to keep your device optimized for speed and battery life. 

Support: Some plans include expert technical support by chat or phone to help navigate issues and get back up and running. 

Visit https://business.uscellular.com/business-plans/device-protection/ for information about UScellular’s Device Protection plans. 

*According to 2022 and 2018 Asurion claims data