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Leading a Dynamic Organization

What we value informs what we do. We connect people to what matters most.

As I reflect on my first three years at UScellular, I wanted to give a glimpse into the culture of our company. Many things have changed in the past three years – the way we work, the role of technology in our lives, the competitive dynamics in our industry – but for me, at least one thing has remained constant: UScellular’s tremendous culture.  

I knew I was joining a great organization with an unmatched culture. Everyone I met through the hiring and onboarding process told me so, but I wasn’t prepared to fully experience how impactful it was and how it drives our teams to show up for our customers every day. I had the opportunity to experience our culture ‘covertly’ through my participation in Undercover Boss, and I couldn’t have been prouder about the company and our team – even in the middle of a pandemic.

Our culture comes alive through our Dynamic Organization model, or D.O., for short.


Jack Rooney, former UScellular CEO and icon in the wireless industry, implemented the D.O. in 2000. At a time when cellphones weren’t ubiquitous and demand was rising, it would have been easy to instruct our sales teams to just sell, sell, sell! Rooney went another way. He implemented a way of doing business that prioritized the customer experience. All these years later, delivering an exceptional customer experience is still at the heart of UScellular’s mission: connecting people to what matters most.

While it has evolved over the years, the D.O. remains a straightforward concept with four equally important elements: Leadership excellence, associate passion, customer advocacy and superior business results. These elements are fueled by specific practices: We are dedicated and driven, we champion each other, we focus on the future, and we deliver exceptional outcomes – for everyone.

So, how do we measure to ensure the D.O. stays alive and well year in and year out?

Every year, we survey our associates on various topics, and one of the questions we ask is, “Do you agree that serving customers is your top priority?” In 2023, 95% said yes. That’s not just sales and customer service saying that, it’s everyone. Ensuring our customers have a great experience is why we all show up and work hard every day, no matter what role we are in.

A positive and dynamic culture is challenging to create, and it takes effort to nourish and maintain, especially in our current working environment. We recognize we work differently than we used to, but if we consistently demonstrate our values and treat others with respect, we embody the D.O.

At UScellular, we show up for our customers, our communities and each other every day as one team to ensure that we execute our mission – connecting people to what matters most.  Our D.O. guides us along the way, and we hope it shows in your experiences with us.


Laurent "LT" Therivel
President and CEO of UScellular