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UScellular Suggests Adding a Smartphone to Your Spring Cleaning Routine

The start of spring is synonymous with cleaning and decluttering a home, garage or any area that may need a refresh. For many this includes washing windows, organizing closets and rearranging spaces. UScellular is reminding individuals that it’s also a good time to clean, organize and declutter mobile devices. This will help increase efficiency when searching through apps and enable devices to operate more effectively. 

UScellular suggests checking off these five tasks as part of spring-cleaning regimes for mobile devices: 

Simplify Apps: Mobile apps take a toll on storage space, battery life and the visual appeal of screens. Go through current apps and delete those that are obsolete or no longer used regularly. Once decluttered, make any needed updates and adjust notification and background app refresh settings according to personal preferences. 

Pro Tip: Consider organizing alphabetically or by color, category or frequency of use. Creating folders, widgets and themed home screens can also prove helpful and aid in the ability to quickly find apps. 

De-clutter History: Phone calls, voicemails and text messages add up rapidly over time. Go through and clear call history, voicemails and text chains no longer needed. Consider also going through and updating contacts. 

Organize Camera Content: Photos and videos, both taken and received, use a lot of storage space. If a device becomes overloaded, visual content will automatically be replaced with smaller, device-size versions. Delete unwanted photos and video and then backup to an app like iCloud, DropBox, Google Drive or Amazon Drive. If available space doesn’t permit one to do so, consider downloading to a flash drive. Organizing visual content is also key. This can be done by creating albums according to year, people, places or other categories. 

Clear Those Cookies: Cache, cookies and downloaded files hold personal data used to track shopping habits, interests and more. Clearing it protects privacy and frees up space – just follow these steps: 

• iPhone users can go to settings, scroll down and select Safari and tap on “Clear History and Website Data.” A message will then appear warning the user that the history and other browsing data will be removed and tap on “Clear History and Data.” 
• Android users can launch the web browser; press the three vertical dots at the top right; tap “History;” select “Clear browsing data …;” select “Browsing history,” “Cookies and site data” and “Cached images and files;” next to “Time Range” choose a time range or select “All Time” to delete entire browser cache; and then tap “Clear data.” 
• This personal data can also be removed from tablets. 

Deep Clean Devices: Use a 70% isopropyl alcohol wipe or disinfecting wipes to gently wipe all hard, nonporous surfaces. The Case-Mate CLEANSCREENZ Phone Cleaning Wipes leaves any device streak-free and helps protect against bacteria. 

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