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Time to ‘Solar-brate’: UScellular Shares Tech Tips to Capture the Total Solar Eclipse

USCC - Solar Eclipse Infographic Final

CHICAGO (MARCH 4, 2024) – How do you organize a solar eclipse party? You have to “planet” of course! On April 8, a total solar eclipse will cross over North America with 13 states from Texas to Maine directly in the path of totality. The next total solar eclipse from the contiguous United States will be on Aug. 23, 2044.

As we prepare to witness this rare celestial phenomenon, it's important to know how to capture footage of the solar eclipse safely. According to NASA, except during the brief period when the moon completely blocks the sun’s face, it is not safe to look at the sun without specialized eye protection or a special-purpose solar filter.

Whether you are in the eclipse's path of totality or not, a smartphone can help you capture images and videos of this unique occasion while remaining safe.

UScellular offers the following tips to help you make memories for the 2024 total solar eclipse:

  • Glasses On: Always make sure to wear your protective glasses or have a filter on your smartphone when looking up to take photos or videos of the solar eclipse.
  • No Flashing. Using a camera flash can ruin the dark adaptation of people’s eyes, so remember to turn it off before snapping photos – everyone around you will be thankful that you did.
  • App Way to Capture It. Apps like Eclipse Guide and Solar Snap allow you to find the best eclipse observation spots and safely take amazing photos. Additionally, try customizing a few settings on your smartphone’s camera. By practicing during a full moon, you can create and save settings on your smartphone so that you’re ready for the big day. And avoid zooming into the eclipse, as it will give you a pixelated, enlarged image that will not show much detail.
  • Charging Party. If you’re traveling to catch the moment or attending a viewing party, make sure your device has enough juice. The FUEL Wireless Battery Pack allows you to ditch charging cables and quickly recharge your smartphone’s battery while on-the-go. Once you get to your viewing spot, why not turn it into a party with JBL Party Box so you can listen to your favorite tunes as you scan the sky.
  • Connect with Others. Once you’ve finished snapping footage of the eclipse, put your phone in US Mode and take in the moment with nearby family, friends or fellow eclipse enthusiasts.

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