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UScellular Launches New Failover Internet Plan Designed to Protect Customers’ Businesses and Budgets

For retail and other businesses with point-of-sale systems, when people see a sign that says, “cash only today,” they risk lost sales and dissatisfied customers. Fortunately, businesses can seamlessly switch to wireless internet backed by UScellular’s network when their wired connections fail. 

UScellular has introduced “Risk-free Failover,” a new cost-effective failover plan with built-in price protection. For the introductory price of $10/month, businesses get 1 GB of reliable failover service when they add UScellular Failover protection by June 30, 2023.1 If more data is needed in a given month, businesses pay $6/GB and no more than $90/month.2 When that bill cycle ends, the customer’s rate will automatically revert to 1 GB service at $10/month. 

“Too many businesses pay high costs or are surprised with large overage fees when using failover solutions from other service providers,” said Kim Kerr, senior vice president, enterprise sales and operations for UScellular. “Organizations can now enjoy peace of mind knowing that if their primary internet fails, they can keep their costs down and predictable while continuing to serve customers.” 

Many types of business can benefit from the peace of mind of having a backup internet option, including branch retail stores, small healthcare practices, job sites and others. 

More information about this service is available at Failover Internet | UScellular for Business

1 New and current business customers are eligible for introductory rate with purchase of new line. Failover line must be activated by June 30, 2023 to be eligible for $10 monthly rate. Lines activated after June 30, 2023 will be charged $15 monthly. Additional terms apply. See UScellular.com/terms for details including obligations to serve Kansas customers. ©2023 UScellular

2 For optional Unlimited Data plan, pay just $6/GB and no more than $90/mo. When that bill cycle ends, automatically revert to original monthly charge. Subscribers using over 100GB data in a bill cycle may have speeds reduced to 3mbps.

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