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UScellular Keeps Business and Government Customers Connected with Intuitive Push-to-Talk Solution

CHICAGO (March 5, 2024) – UScellular has teamed with two wireless industry innovators to create a push-to-talk (PTT) bundle for public safety, hospitality, transportation, education, utilities and logistics use cases. ESChat provides the PTT software solution and Siyata provides the push-to-talk over cellular (PoC) radio. Combined with UScellular’s 1GB data plan, the integrated bundle provides superior customer experience and value. 

This bundle seamlessly integrates a PTT app with an easy-to-use handset, purpose built for PTT. Customers with land mobile radios (LMR) can transition to standalone broadband PTT service, or augment their existing radio systems with broadband PTT service allowing them to stay connected, even when they are outside of the LMR coverage area. 

“Siyata’s SD7 rugged push-to-talk over cellular radio handset is an industry leading device that offers UScellular business customers an alternative to land-mobile radios,” said Kim Kerr, senior vice president, enterprise sales and operations for UScellular. “Launching this solution with ESChat and Siyata allows us to deliver a full PTT ecosystem for both RF radio system operators and customers without their own RF radio system.” 

ESChat’s PTT works anywhere a data connection is available, whether using a cellular network or Wi-Fi. Organizations can instantly and securely talk with and locate members of their team, regardless of their network or device. ESChat leads the broadband PTT industry, serving government and enterprise business customers with mission critical service availability, live and historical location tracking and easy-to-use contact and group selection. 

The Siyata SD7 is a rugged, Android-based, PTT device with excellent sound quality that operates over the high-bandwidth 4G LTE network. Its IP68 rating, resistance to water and dust, drop protection and robust battery make it well suited for use in harsh environments. Importantly, there is no need to invest in infrastructure such as radio towers or repeaters. 

More information about this service is available at https://business.uscellular.com/products/push-to-talk/.

About UScellular Business 
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