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Our Commitment to Digital Equity

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I. Overview

At UScellular, we are dedicated to promoting widespread access to Information and Communication Technologies (or ‘ICTs’)1 because they drive economic growth, empower communities, and connect people to what matters most.

We are committed to supporting unserved and underserved areas, with a particular focus on rural communities, thereby empowering them to fully participate in 21st-century life. Our commitment extends to promoting Digital Equity2, because we believe that everyone should have the capacity to fully participate in the society and economy of the United States.

At the heart of our work is a genuine concern for our people, customers, communities, and shareholders. We actively engage with these stakeholders, support our communities, and foster strong relationships in order to create a thriving ecosystem where universal access to ICTs unleashes the limitless opportunities of the 21st century, enabling everyone to thrive.

II. Objective

Support Digital Equity initiatives that align with UScellular's mission to connect people to what matters most.

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III. Initiatives

UScellular focuses on the following types of Digital Equity initiatives that promote widespread access and use of Information and Communication Technologies.

  • Availability: We offer and advocate for high-speed wireless ICTs, enabling full participation in 21st-century life.
  • Affordability: We support programs aimed at increasing the affordability of ICTs.
  • Digital Literacy: We support programs that help develop the digital skills necessary to participate in the 21st-century economy.
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IV. Availability Initiatives

  • After School Access Project: Through the After School Access Project, UScellular is committed to bridging the connectivity gap for youth by providing up-to $25 million in hotspots and services to connect up to 50,000 young learners.
  • Fixed Wireless Advocacy: Meeting the significant need to provide modern ICTs to rural Americans requires leveraging a combination of 5G technology and government investment through public-private partnerships. This presents an exciting opportunity to rapidly and cost-effectively connect homes and businesses using Fixed Wireless Access (FWA), an innovative wireless broadband solution that enhances home connectivity and expands 5G mobile coverage.

V. Affordability Initiatives

  • Affordable Connectivity Program: UScellular participates in the Affordable Connectivity Program, offering qualified customers savings of up to $30 on internet and wireless services, with households on qualifying Tribal Lands eligible for up to $75 off.
  • Lifeline Program: UScellular helps families connect through the Lifeline Program, which provides qualified customers with savings on internet and wireless services.
Smarter Start Toolkit

VI. Digital Literacy Initiatives

  • Digital Literacy Support: UScellular offers customers support programs like Device Tutorials and Internet Setup Coach to assist customers with maximizing their home internet experience. UScellular also supports Girls Who Code to Increase Access and Awareness to STEM Career Options.
  • Smarter Start Toolkit – Empowering Responsible Technology Use: At UScellular, we've partnered with Screen Sanity to create the Smarter Start Toolkit, a resource that helps kids develop healthy digital habits. Our goal is to reset the relationship with technology and promote positive digital experiences by empowering families with better digital habits and open conversations.
  • US Mode: UScellular values both online and offline connections. With US Mode, users can take control of their notifications, customizing when and how their phones send alerts. By minimizing distractions, individuals can prioritize meaningful human connections. Our team is here to assist anyone in setting up their phone for US Mode, ensuring a more intentional and connected experience.

VII. Industry

UScellular takes pride in its membership with CTIA, an organization that passionately advocates for the American wireless industry. Through constructive engagement with legislative and regulatory processes, CTIA aims to cultivate an environment of enhanced innovation, increased investment, and robust economic growth. The wireless industry's significance in bridging the digital divide cannot be overstated, which underscores the importance of collective effort between service providers and policymakers. UScellular fully aligns with CTIA's stance on Digital Equity.

VIII. Ongoing Commitment

UScellular is dedicated to supporting Digital Equity. We understand that ensuring access to Information and Communication Technologies for all requires sustained action and collaboration. We will actively seek feedback and engage with individuals and communities to align our initiatives with best practices and diverse perspectives. We'll also explore opportunities to empower individuals and communities. By prioritizing these efforts, we reaffirm our commitment to creating a more inclusive digital future for all.

1Information and Communication Technologies encompass the fusion of telecommunications and information technology, encompassing a wide array of technological categories that empower users to access, process, retrieve, store, utilize, and transmit information electronically and in a digital format.

2According to the Digital Equity Act of 2021, Digital Equity means the condition in which individuals and communities have the information technology capacity that is needed for full participation in the society and economy of the United States.