22:51 PM

Advancing Spectrum Strategy in the United States

CHICAGO (March 12, 2024) - The following statement can be attributed to Mike Irizarry, UScellular's Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer.

"It’s vital that the United States releases more mid-band spectrum for commercial use sooner rather than later. It’s important for global competitiveness, continued infrastructure investment and economic growth. This week’s announcements of the NTIA Spectrum Strategy Implementation Plan and the Spectrum Pipeline Act of 2024 are important steps to getting this spectrum released. We look forward to working with NTIA and Congress to advance the key objectives laid out in the implementation plan and exploring the additional opportunities outlined by Senators Ted Cruz, John Thune, and Marsha Blackburn in the Pipeline Act."

More information on UScellular’s position on spectrum authority and availability is on our blog: How We Can Ensure America’s Wireless Future