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Why Failover Internet Solution Can Be a Business Lifeline During Internet Outages

CHICAGO (July 26, 2023) - In today's digital landscape, internet connectivity is the lifeline that keeps businesses connected to customers. Losing a single sale due to an internet outage is a scenario no business wants to face. According to a recent study by Atlassian, small businesses experience an average loss of up to $427 per minute during internet connectivity downtimes1. To address this critical issue, wireless failover internet is a simple and seamless tool to keep businesses connected to their customers.

Wireless failover automatically reconnects the internet in the event of an outage or slowdown from the primary internet source. This proactive approach ensures uninterrupted internet connectivity and business continuity, regardless of location.

 The business benefits of implementing a wireless failover solution include:

  • Reduced Downtime: Wireless failover provides businesses with protection during an internet outage. By minimizing downtime, a business can significantly reduce the risk of lost productivity and revenue.
  • Protected Sales: In-person credit card transactions are vital and losing these sales due to a traditional wired internet outage can be detrimental to a business. Failover internet protects businesses from outages that can wreak havoc on their bottom line by ensuring continuous connectivity.
  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: Customer expectations demand businesses to be available 24/7, and any interruption in service can severely damage customer satisfaction. By implementing failover internet, businesses can maintain seamless service, resulting in enhanced customer satisfaction levels.
  • Peace of Mind: Investing in a failover internet solution provides businesses with peace of mind, knowing they have a backup plan in case of an internet outage. 

For more information about UScellular’s cost-effective failover plan with built-in price protection, go to business.uscellular.com/products/failover-internet/.

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