15:55 PM

UScellular's Statement on a National Spectrum Strategy

April 20, 2023

The United States has historically been the leader in the deployment of wireless services and must lead in the development and deployment of 6G. Losing that leadership position is unacceptable. And it is avoidable through an aggressive spectrum pipeline geared towards the proven highest benefit uses, infrastructure initiatives that encourage investment, and a national approach to connectivity and wireless research and development. When focusing on spectrum, the key to success is three-fold: 

1. A significant amount of additional spectrum must be made available for commercial use.

2. That spectrum must be primarily exclusive use, licensed, and full power to realize the maximum public good, particularly in rural America. 

3. A national approach to wireless research and development must be used to further explore the benefits of dynamic sharing schemes and Open RAN, which to date remain theoretical. 

The time is ripe to build our digital future, with universal connectivity ensuring America’s economic prosperity, global competitiveness, and national security.