Our Sustainability Commitments & Progress

UScellular is focused on building a better future by caring for the environment. We’re on a journey to address our environmental impact in our entire footprint from operations to supply chain, by implementing sustainable practices to lead the industry forward. We’re providing our associates with a healthy work environment and engaging in traditional and innovative partnerships to build a culture of sustainability to serve our communities.

In collaboration with ComEd and Franklin Energy, UScellular made significant enhancements to the operations at its Schaumburg data center to become more efficient and sustainable.

The completed projects included replacing all interior and exterior lights with LED and installing roof-top economizers to help with cooling needs to reduce use of HVAC units, resulted in savings of nearly 8 million kilowatt hours per year:

·   This is the amount of electricity it takes to power more than 900 ComEd customers’ homes for an entire year. 
·   These savings have an annual environmental benefit equal to reducing nearly 6.8 million pounds of carbon emissions from entering the atmosphere, planting more than 3,700 acres of trees or removing nearly 670 cars from the road.



The UScellular Tulsa Customer Care Center facility was awarded Energy Star Certification in 2022. This is the second time the facility has received this certification in five years.   

Energy Star certified buildings generate 35% less greenhouse gas than typical buildings. The facility does not use natural gas. It uses daylight harvesting features to automatically dim artificial lights and use natural light available through windows and skylights.

UScellular recognizes the environmental impact of its entire footprint and is taking measures to reduce the energy used and the waste produced.