23:43 PM

UScellular Showcases the Power of 5G in Missouri

On Nov. 30, UScellular hosted Missouri state legislators, officials from the Missouri Department of Economic Development and other regional planning commissions for a high-speed internet demonstration. The demonstration showcased the power and potential of 5G technology and how it can connect homes and businesses, enhance mobile connectivity, and support growing precision agricultural needs in rural Missouri.

This demonstration took place at Nathan A. Toalson Bicentennial Park in Centralia with local UScellular network experts using specially designed rural antennas connected to a cell tower over a mile away. Using this connection, the team conducted a video call with 20+ participants and streamed a video to simulate today’s digital lifestyle including remote education, work and telemedicine. After an open Q&A that fielded questions about how 5G Home Internet works and the role of radio frequencies in providing it, attendees visited the nearby cell tower to tour the base station and see the equipment that makes this high-speed connectivity possible.

Estimates show that there are more than 146,000 households across Missouri, many in rural areas, without any access to fast and affordable home internet options. Often these areas also lack adequate cellphone coverage. This demonstration proved that 5G can be part of the solution by bringing both home and mobile connectivity to these areas using cell towers.

UScellular applauds government grant programs that enable broad investments through public private partnerships and appreciates county involvement in cellsite location selection. The company is committed to bringing broadband access and improved mobile coverage to underserved communities now and in the future by investing in infrastructure that will aid in delivering high-speed internet access to Missouri counties that need it most.

BJ Tanksley of the Missouri Department of Economic Development at the Centralia Tech Demonstration