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U.S. Cellular Introduces Enhanced Data Priority For Public Safety

CHICAGO (Feb. 25, 2019)

U.S. Cellular announced today that it has expanded its public safety solutions with enhanced data priority services for first responders and other emergency response teams. The company now provides emergency responders a dedicated broadband LTE network that separates mission-critical data from commercial and consumer traffic, helping to ensure that they have access to vital services no matter the situation.


These data priority enhancements are designed to provide first responders and critical support teams with consistent high quality service, priority on the network and preemption over non-essential data whenever it is needed. Whether it's a large high-traffic event or a crisis situation, U.S. Cellular's data priority services help ensure that first responders can stay connected.


"At U.S. Cellular, we understand the central role that first responders have to keep us safe, and we are committed to providing them reliable and consistent communication services," said Jim Anetsberger, vice president of business strategy at U.S. Cellular. "We have and will continue to make significant investments in our network and public safety solutions so first responders can stay in constant communication and access the data they need to provide the best response."


In emergency situations, having dependable communications can help save lives. U.S. Cellular's data priority services provide a comprehensive and cost-effective solution for first responders and other emergency response teams:


Consistent High Quality Service


When first responders are needed in an emergency, having a reliable network is crucial. U.S. Cellular's network was built where people live and work, so emergency response teams can keep connected, even in rural and remote areas and during times of peak cellular usage.


Priority over Public Data Traffic


When emergencies or disasters strike, wireless network traffic can spike, causing delays with vital communications. If this happens, emergency responder data gets pushed to the front of the line, keeping them connected with higher priority network access over other users.


Preemption over Non-Critical Data


When prioritizing network access isn't enough, preemption is utilized through a private network core to automatically and temporarily reallocate lower priority network resources to emergency responders so they can stay connected during emergencies or other high-traffic events.


To complement these data priority services, U.S. Cellular offers first responder-only plans that include unlimited data, voice and text with no speed caps. For more information, visit business.uscellular.com/solutions/network-access/public-safety.


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