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Top Apps and Tips for National Financial Awareness Day

CHICAGO (Aug. 14, 2022) - Finances are top of mind as inflation continues to rise. Many are looking to make new financial resolutions, adjust budgets and plan for financial futures. What better day to get started than National Financial Awareness Day on August 14?

National Financial Awareness Day reminds people to build financial stability by prioritizing saving and investing. Because many consumers are turning to digital applications for their financial needs, adoption for online banking has skyrocketed in recent years. According to UScellular’s 2020 consumer survey, 50% of consumers report using banking apps on their phone and one of the top concerns people have about losing their phone is losing access to bank accounts.

The right financial tools can boost security and help foster good habits. In honor of National Financial Awareness Day, UScellular is sharing the best banking and finance apps with tips on how to prevent fraud.

· Get a bird’s eye view of finances: Mint, Intuit’s personal finance app, is one of the most well-known money management apps. It provides a complete financial picture by tracking bills and investments, planning budgets and providing credit score health reports. NerdWallet is another comprehensive app that provides money management features, but also offers impartial credit card reviews and reward comparison. 

· Pay down debt: You Need A Budget also known as YNAB is a personal finance app that’s built around YNAB’s four rules: give every dollar a job, embrace your true expenses, roll with the punches and age your money. This not only helps build a better budget, but it also helps gain control of spending, build savings and reduce debt. 

· Practice password protection: Ninety percent of consumers worry about digital bank fraud, according to Entrust. When setting up devices and creating accounts, be sure to use a variety of unique passwords that no one else can guess. For the most sensitive accounts and apps, change passwords every few months. 

· Be cautious: When receiving a text message, phone call or email from an unknown source, be wary of what information you share. Hackers posing as a financial institution could be seeking private information to access secure accounts. If in doubt, do not click on any provided links, hang up and call back a verified and direct phone number, flag as junk or report phishing to your email provider.

Learning the basics and best practices for handling money is an important step that will help individuals feel more confident and successful in their finances. By using these apps and tips, people can help avoid fraud and create a life of financial freedom.

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