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Tips to Capture Your Concert Experience With and Without Your Phone

With music artists like Taylor Swift, Bruce Springsteen, Beyoncé and others selling out their concerts this summer, we see more fans using their phones to capture the exciting moments. From taking photos for social media posts, or just staying connected with friends while at the show, phone use at concerts has the potential to interrupt the in-the-moment fan experience. 

We know many concert goers aren’t willing to sacrifice capturing core memories, but a recent survey found that 42% of people deem a special event as an inappropriate place to use your phone*. 

UScellular understands both sides – wanting to connect and disconnect – and has created tips to enjoy concerts and capture memories, while being intentional with phone use: 

• Factor In Time for a Pre-Concert Photo Shoot: Plan on getting to the venue 15-30 minutes before the opener to allow yourself ample time to snap photos of your outfit, the growing crowd, the funniest signs, and every detail in between. Knowing you’ve already secured the perfect Instagram post allows you to put your phone in US Mode and enjoy the concert without fear of having nothing to share. 

• Go Analog: When capturing content on our smartphones, we run the risk of wasting time taking photos trying to nail the perfect shot. Instead, bring a disposable camera and capture candid moments on film! The good news is that once they’re developed, you can have them scanned so you can still share! 

• Be Picky: It’s natural to want videos of your favorite song, but it’s unlikely you’ll sit back and watch an entire concert filmed on your iPhone. Instead, before the show, plan to record 2-3 of your favorite songs – it removes the pressure of recording every single. 

• Bonus Tip: When you are recording, resist the urge to sing (unless you’re prepared for your friends to mock your karaoke chops for years to come)! 

Additionally, UScellular offers the following cellphone etiquette tips as a resource. 

*Between Oct. 31 and Nov. 7, 2022, a total of 1,000 online interviews were conducted among a nationally representative sample of U.S. consumers between 18-41 years old by Consumer Insights, in partnership with PureSpectrum. 


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