14:23 PM

Showing Appreciation to Those who Have Served and Continue to Serve our Country

At UScellular, we are incredibly proud of our active military and veteran associates and their families for their service and sacrifice to our country. We are committed to hiring veterans and those currently serving in the military reserves. The experience and knowledge they bring to their roles at UScellular helps us deliver exceptional service, keeping customers connected to what matters most. 

We spoke with several of our associates who understand the importance of service to their country and who bring that dedication to their jobs each day. 

Here’s what they had to say: 

Carlos Vargas - Environmental Health and Safety Training Coordinator 
What skills do you bring to work that you would have only gotten from being a service member? 
A deep level of commitment, teamwork and loyalty. 

Are there any nonprofit veteran organizations or causes you are passionate about that you support in your local community? 
I am very much involved in the military community. I lead two classes that provide active and inactive veterans and their families the tools to heal from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). I am very passionate about serving these great individuals who are hurting and fractured, and extremely grateful to UScellular for allowing me to relocate from the Midwest to Fort Bragg, N.C. and follow this passion 

Randy Stubbe - Business Relationship Manager 
How does the Veterans & Associates Leading Organizational Results (VALOR) associate resource group support veterans interests and give back to the community? 
VALOR is actively engaged in the veteran communities within our local areas. Whether its handing out hygiene kits to veterans at our local VA hospital, placing wreaths in our cemeteries to recognize fallen soldiers or sending thank you letters and care packages to our military personnel serving abroad, it’s important to veterans and allies here at UScellular to give back to our communities. 

Why should veterans consider a career at UScellular? 
We believe that those who have served in military bring a great deal of experience and skills that are valuable to UScellular. From entry level to leadership positions, we believe veterans will directly contribute our success. 

Chris Cooley - Supplier Diversity Manager 
What skills do you bring to work that you would have only gotten from being a service member? 
My time in the service provided me an amazing opportunity work with the most diverse workforce in the country. It also trained me to prepare and execute on the mission provided by my leadership. I also experienced a sense of belonging to something larger than myself. I have carried that calling ever sense I hung up my uniform and have found it in my life through joining UScellular and working in supplier diversity. 

Why should other veterans consider a career at UScellular? 
The culture at UScellular drives our business decisions and how we succeed, just like in the military. UScellular needs talent that will be quick to assess the situation, make tactical decisions to support the business strategy, and execute. You would be joining a team that believes in giving back and supporting the underserved and unserved across our country to connect to what matters most.