Minding Your Manners for Cellphone Courtesy Month

Have you ever checked your phone while out on a date, in a movie theater or even in the bathroom? If so, it’s actually much more common than you think! Using your smartphone in some situations can still be seen as “inappropriate” but according to a recent UScellular survey, it’s becoming more and more accepted in others. In honor of Cellphone Courtesy Month, here are five places that people think is (or isn’t) OK to use your phone.


53% of people think it’s okay to use their phone in a movie theater, which is a 12% increase from 2019


When Nature Calls, 
You Answer!         

The bathroom is where many things happen, including being on your cellphone. The majority of survey participants (80%) believe it is appropriate use your smartphone in the bathroom, which (shockingly!) is down from 87% in 2019.

Always a Class Act

Cellphones and the classroom may not always be the best combination, but many seem to disagree. The majority of people (about 70%) think it’s okay to use a phone in school.


Dinner for… Three?

If you think three's a crowd, make sure your date doesn't bring their cellphone to dinner! In 2019, 56% of consumers thought it was inappropriate to use your phone while on a date, with that figure dropping to 52% in 2020. In 2022, only 48% of people now consider using your cellphone while on a date to be rude.

61% believe a place of worship (church, temple, etc.) is an inappropriate place to use your smartphone


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