15:49 PM

UScellular CEO, Laurent Therivel, Shares How Taking Risk and Controlling Luck Helped Define Career Trajectory

Episode 132 Laurent Therivel

UScellular president and CEO, Laurent Therivel (LT), sat down with Thirty Minute Mentors podcast host, Adam Mendler, to share leadership lessons learned from his career journey and his passion for connecting people to the things that matter most to them. Thirty Minute Mentors features a wealth of practical, actionable advice from business icons, military leaders, politicians, athletes, celebrities, authors and media personalities – all in 30 minutes. 

The conversation ranged from LT’s upbringing as a child of immigrant parents, his military service and lessons in business and leading others. He shares stories from his career journey that propelled him to understand his strengths and weaknesses, to use his passion to drive his career decisions and be prepared to capitalize when opportunity was presented to him. 

Here are a few insights from LT’s conversation with Adam: 

“The concept of not being afraid to put yourself out there has helped drive a lot of the risk’s I’ve been able to take. My success is because I’ve been willing to give it a try.” 

“There’s certainly an element of being prepared to capitalize when opportunity presents itself. It has to do with being prepared to say yes when luck comes your way. Can you be in a position to take advantage of it? Have you done the legwork professionally and personally?” 

Characteristics of a good leader: 
Have integrity. Speak the truth to power. 
Great leaders modify their style based on their team circumstance. 
Best leaders are lifelong learners. 

Career advice: 
Do something you love and you’re great at. 
Make decisions that help to open doors. 
Put same rigor in personal life as you do in professional life. 

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