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Five Reasons Prepaid Wireless Service May Be Right For You

CHICAGO – (June 15, 2022) –The best prepaid phone plans are more relevant than ever, with prices on so many products rising these days. Not only are prepaid plans increasingly able to compete with their postpaid counterparts in terms of features and value – including unlimited data – they are also a convenient and affordable option for many consumers.

In a recent UScellular survey, nearly 40% of respondents said they currently have a prepaid plan or are open to one. The findings show the most important benefits they look for when considering a prepaid plan are having a consistent bill (68%), flexibility (64%) and having no contract (51%).

UScellular offers five reasons why consumers should consider a prepaid phone plan:

1.       No contract or credit checks: Prepaid is a great option for those who do not want a long-term contract. Additionally, prepaid service does not require a credit check, making it ideal for those with no credit history or poor credit history.

2.       Budget-friendly: A prepaid plan charges the user before their monthly plan begins, allowing them to know exactly how much they will be charged for service. This is a great option for those who want to budget the same amount every month and avoid any accidental overages without compromising on the services offered.

3.       Perfect first phone: Prepaid is a fantastic way to teach responsible budgeting and encourage independence for new phone users. Parents can buy a prepaid phone for their child and monitor usage to see if they are using it responsibly. It’s also easy for parents to set up their old phone on a prepaid line to ensure their child is responsible with their device before spending money on a new one.

4.       Convenient for travel to the U.S.: For travelers coming to the United States, prepaid offers users the flexibility to use their own phone and not make a long-term commitment.

5.       Device flexibility: Prepaid service offers the freedom for users to bring their current device or they can choose from a variety of budget-friendly devices. Customers can check the UScellular website to see if their current device is available to use on one of its prepaid plans.

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