14:00 PM

Empowering Parents and Caregivers

November is National Family Caregiver’s month, so we thought it was the perfect time to launch our new Associate Resource group dedicated to supporting working parents and caregivers at UScellular — Empowering Parents and Caregivers Together (EmPACT). 

More than 65 million Americans care for their aging or disabled loved ones and many workers manage the enormous responsibilities of parenting and caregiving on top of their day-to-day jobs. According to the National Center on Caregiving, 73% of American workers have caregiving responsibilities and 51% anticipate needing time off work to care for loved ones. 

The EmPACT ARG will provide insight, guidance and resources for the caregivers who support older or disabled loved ones as well as working parents to thrive in life while pursuing their career aspirations. EmPACT will differ from other ARGs by having a dedicated focus on work-life balance, while providing diversified support for all. 

Members will learn about existing benefits offered by our company, while gaining access to external resources and strategic partnerships to grow their perspective and further their career development. We’re engaging with individuals who provide care for others, internally and externally, to grow our community. 

Diversity, equity and inclusion are foundational to our outstanding culture. We believe all associates should feel a sense of belonging and respect, and that their unique perspectives are valued. As with all ARG offerings, EmPACT is open to all associates because supporters and allies are always welcome. 

I’m so excited to serve as the executive sponsor for EmPACT and I look forward to making an EmPACT alongside our working parents and caregivers! 


Nancy Fratzke
Vice President, Customer Support