We Are Connecting With Our Communities

UScellular is focused on addressing gaps in STEM education. We are connecting tomorrow’s innovators with the resources they need today to help shape their future opportunities. Through partnerships with nonprofit organizations, original research and associate volunteerism, we’re addressing the digital divide and providing critical resources in local communities.


Closing the STEM Education Gap

We invest time, talent and resources to help ensure K-12 youth have equitable opportunities to pursue successful careers in STEM.

Advanced wireless technologies have emerged that can provide high-speed connections to homes and businesses quickly and affordably. The solution starts at the cell tower.


Connecting with Causes

Our associates love to connect with communities and causes they care about most. We recognize their commitment and the impact they are making, which is why we offer a variety of programs like personal donation matching, cause card rewards, dollars for doers, in-person volunteering and skills-based volunteerism.

Bridging the Digital Divide for Youth

UScellular’s After School Access Project is a program that provides mobile hotspots and two years of service to nonprofits that support youth after the school day has ended and provides safe internet access for homework and education.


Community Impact in 2022


Invested $1.3 million in nonprofits with nearly 90% supporting STEM


Reached 200,000 youth with STEM resources to shape future opportunities


Connected more than 40,000 youth to Wi-Fi access


Donated more than $12 million in hotspots and service


Contributed 16,000 volunteer hours


Matched $250,000 in personal donations