15:00 PM

Celebrating The Spirit of Entrepreneurship and its Impact on Business

February 12 – 19 marks the celebration of National Entrepreneurship Week. As we celebrate entrepreneurs this week, I’m reflecting on a basic premise of business that even the most well-established companies began with an idea or a dream. A notion that an individual or team was brave enough to bring to life. 

My team is constantly connecting with businesses in the communities we serve who got their start from this same entrepreneurial spirit. By delivering the right services and products, UScellular stays connected at a very local level and plays a role in helping businesses get established, grow and evolve. 

National Entrepreneurship Week is designed to empower the voices of entrepreneurs across the country through education, connection and collaboration. As we pursue our mission to connect customers to the people and places that matter most to them, we are keenly aware of the impact of entrepreneurs. I believe in being bold, trusting your gut and taking risks. Entrepreneurs, including the founder of UScellular, Roy Carlson, embody that spirit and enrich our communities through their vision. Roy had many popular sayings, and one of them is “a person with a good idea, or new idea, is no longer the same person.” I believe that still applies today in how we can grow when thinking like an entrepreneur. My team’s role is to understand our business customers’ needs and enable them to make connections that foster their own growth and success. 

Lastly, one of the core values of National Entrepreneurship Week is diversity – envisioning a national entrepreneurship ecosystem that is as diverse and rich as the citizens who are part of it. At UScellular we know the value of diversity and what we gain from perspectives shared by people of all backgrounds. As we celebrate entrepreneurship this week, we acknowledge the efforts of entrepreneurs and the value that diverse businesses play in supporting and sustaining our communities. 


Kimberly Green-Kerr
Senior Vice President – Enterprise Sales and Operations